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Thin Rounded Icons


I never created an icon set, that’s not usually what I work on. I often take other’s among the thousands of awesome kit out there. But I wanted to try it out so here’s a little set of thin rounded icons. Playing with this new 2px wide icon trend was fun. Putting them all in… Read more »

Thin Icons PSD


Hello people. I needed some of theese line icons for a project. Sharing is caring. Im attatching a psd file for you guys. check 2x for details. first time really that I designed glyphs. so feedback is appreciated. cheers!

Round Icon Set


Hey guys! Decided it’s time to share something with you. Grab it for illustrator or photoshop. All made in vector, so you can use it however you like.

Thin Rounded Icons 2


The first part of this set had a pretty fair amount of downloads so I figured I could add a few more icons for a total of 70. I also added the pressed/active state in the .psd.

36 Thinicons


Part of a little set I am working on – If you like them, you can download them here