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Application Icon Set


The Application Icon Set consists of 120 pixel-perfect icons in three different sizes (16px, 32px and 64px) and it comes in three formats (PSD, PNG and CSH). The icons are vector shapes so you can scale them to any size.

Free Flat Icons


These icons are rendered a bit different, and as always completely free. I hope you enjoy these flat icons!

Ocean Icons


Some ocean icons I decided to create. Hope you like them! Good news! The icons are now available for download! You can download them free when you share them on twitter or facebook! http://bit.ly/1cGp9p6

Weather Icons


Awesome pack of weather icons, I hope you enjoy them!

Linecons Icon Set


Each icon is available in following formats: Webfont (HTML/CSS) PDF AI (Adobe Illustrator) PSD (Adobe Photoshop) PNG (Original size and 512×512 px) SVG (Universal Vector File)

Infographic Icons


Today we present a infographic flat icons templates, data visualization design for different as well as easy to understand, information graphics are the best way. This image will free download as a .psd file. downloads an enjoy!

Pirate Icons


I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean earlier and got inspired to create some small icons. Hehe! I’m enjoying icon design more and more each day! Getting the hang of it.

Tiny Icon Set


This is my first real attempt at a small icon set, I know you pro’s out there will probably be sippin’ on yer beer laughing at these. Lay off a brotha’, first attempt! Eeek! ^___^



We are happy to announce, that Smallicons is updated — 70 brand new icons! 18 you can download absolutely free, rest of them available in the full version of Smallicons set. Moreover, in this 7 days we are giving you a discount — enter offer code «buddha» when purchasing Smallicons, and you will get 5% discount. So you can get… Read more »

Line Icons Set Vol.1


We’re here again to post another freebie, that is available onPixelBuddha right now. 40 beautiful line vector based icons (32×32 base size ). This is only the first part of big set, that will be releasing on our site. Thanks for your support! 😉

Free Bar Icons


Check my attachment and download 32 Free Bar Icons if you want. Tahnks!

Tech Icons


Some fun UI icon explorations I did up, along with the PSD. I tried to balance out the right amount of details while still keeping them minimal.